Greenfield Biomass Information is a website created to spread awareness about the dangers of biomass energy. Biomass energy is produced through the combustion of organic matter.

Greenfield Biomass Information functions primarily as a biomass industry network association. As such, it meets quarterly, for a full day’s seminar at which members have an opportunity to report on recent research findings, activities, opportunities for coordination, and get important feedback on other developments. Our meetings frequently feature presentations from industry, policy or research specialists, so that our members can stay current with the state of biomass energy production around the nation and the world.

Our members also participate in, coordinate with, and present at other conferences and forums, such as Biomass South, Commonwealth of Virginia Energy and Sustainability Conference, Environment Virginia, and North Carolina Sustainable Energy Conference.

Working together, we have the opportunity to share data, collaborate on research projects and grant initiatives, advocate for policy changes that benefit renewable energy and biomass resource allocation, learn from each other’s experiences, and create awareness of bioenergy as a positive force for Virginia’s energy and economic future